Thorpe Park – Where To Eat

Looking for food at Thorpe Park?

Thorpe Park is different from other Merlin operated theme parks (Such as Alton Towers) in that while the park does offer it’s own chains, a large majority is still operated by franchised companies such as Burger King and KFC.

Fins Bar and Grill

Fins Bar and Grill is Thorpe Park’s answer to your traditional pub, offering a variety of meals from fish and chips to burgers or ribs – there’s something for everyone. The restaurant does also include a wide variety of alcoholic drinks (But please drink responsibly) making it a perfect place to relax away from the rush of the park. It is well worth noting with Fin’s being located in the dome, it does offer some fantastic views of the park from various seats.

Explorer’s Pizza & Pasta

In the same fashion as Alton Towers, Thorpe Park also offers a fantastic pizza and pasta buffet. Located near to Nemesis Inferno and Rumba Rapids it is located right in the heart of the action and offers a selection of pizza and pasta for all tastes!

Amity Fish & Chips

Located next to Stealth, Amity Fish & Chips is a fantastic diner themed quick service restaurant for Fish & Chips. With all your chip shop favourites this is one restaurant any fish & chip fan won’t want to miss!

Amity Kebab

Amity Kebab is located next to Tidal Wave, near The Beach and offers a variety of Kebabs. For anyone who fancies something different to your burger and chips Amity Kebab is highly recommended!