Thorpe Park – Top Tips and Opening Times


Thorpe Park opens from mid/late March to early November every year for all the most up to date opening times be sure to check the park website here (Link will open in a new tab)


  • Arrive early – Thorpe Park is located in the London area and as such gets busy quickly. Arriving early allows you to beat these crowds and make the most of the quiet time
  • Start on one of the older attractions – While everyone runs to: The Walking Dead: The Ride, or The Swarm why not take advantage of the shorter queue times for Colossus, SAW or Nemesis Inferno? These rides will still get busy but you will have already done them saving you time later on
  • Be aware actor led attractions open later – The likes of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train and SAW: Alive open at 12pm. Maximise your time before these attractions open.
  • Don’t miss the smaller rides – it’s a common misconception that Thorpe Park lacks family attractions, there is a lot of smaller attractions for all ages – while the likes of Lumber Jack are aimed more at young children, it’s not uncommon to see adults also on Rocky Express or Mr Monkey’s Banana Boat!
  • Lost City remains one of the quieter areas of the park in the middle of the day, don’t miss these fun flat rides which are sure to provide plenty of thrills still!
  • Pay attention to the queue boards – located at intervals around the park these will give you a great idea on where the crowds are heading!
  • Don’t argue amongst your group where to go to next, take it calm and work in a logical way around the park, you’ll get more done!
  • Take some time to relax on The Beach
  • Enjoy yourself!