Thorpe Park – Attractions

Known as the thrill capital of the nation, Thorpe Park is the destination for thrill seekers across the country. Of course Thorpe Park also offers an excellent selection of family attractions. Below you can find a list of the park’s highlight attractions – for everyone!

The Walking Dead: The Ride

The latest addition to Thorpe Park, The Walking Dead: The Ride is a conversion of the former X dark roller coaster. The Walking Dead: The Ride begins the minute you enter the iconic pyramid, known as the safe zone. Featuring a short pre-show to build atmosphere before you navigate the corridors. Will you escape the walkers?


The world’s first 10 inversion roller coaster, Colossus is one of the most iconic rides at Thorpe Park. Located in Lost City, Colossus intertwines with it’s surrounding area perfectly, with it’s large vertical loop dominating the area around it. Of course let’s no one can forget the famous 4 rolls at the end of the ride.

SAW – The Ride

Themed around the popular SAW franchise, Saw: The Ride is another staple attraction for Thorpe Park, featuring a short indoor section full of special effects before tackling the ride’s intimidating vertical lift hill and beyond vertical drop outside.

Nemesis Inferno

Nemesis Inferno is located in The Jungle area of the park, this inverted roller coaster features the longest pre-lift of any B&M inverted coaster worldwide. Nemesis Inferno certainly packs a punch with it’s swooping zero-g roll and interlocking corkscrews, this monster isn’t one to be missed!


Stealth is Thorpe Park’s record breaker, with the highest top speed of any UK Roller coaster at 80mph. Stealth uses the same system as an air craft carrier to accelerate up to it’s top speed in 1.9 seconds before cresting it’s impressive 205ft top hat. It might be short but it’s certainly one you’ll be running round for time and time again!

The Swarm

The Swarm is the UK’s first winged roller coaster, themed around war it’s clear to see the impact this ride has had on the park, with many park guests still rushing to ride it first. The Swarm offers a smooth and graceful but thrilling ride for many and features some fantastic near miss moments for even the bravest thrill seekers!

Flying Fish

Flying Fish is a family roller coaster located close by to The Swarm, this ride is a powered roller coaster similar to the Runaway Mine Train at Alton Towers – while Flying Fish might not have the longest of layouts the ride provides a lot of fun for all and certainly a thrill for the younger guests.

Other attractions:

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is an intense dark ride which uses a mixture of special effects, both psychical and by the use of virtual reality (VR) – what happens inside is a secret, but one thing to be sure of, you’ll have never ridden a ghost train like this!


Looking to slow down? Why not taken a trip to The Beach? During the warmer months Thorpe Park offer a fantastic beach area complete with paddling area and even a set of racing Dinghy slides. The Beach provides a perfect place to relax in the sun, soaking in the island ambience – or during special events party will the sun goes down!

Angry Birds Land

Angry Birds Land is a fun offering for all the family with thrill rides such as Detonator: Bombs Away but also the Angry Birds 4D cinema and King Pigs Dodgems Angry Birds Land offers a fun offering for families – also located near by is Storm in a teacup, another fun family ride perfect for those who wish to take it slow.