De Efteling – Top Tips and Opening Times

Opening Times

De Efteling is open year round, you can find their opening times here – when planning your visit do be sure to check the parks refurbishment calendar, which announces what will be closed and when. This will be updated as the year goes on so do be sure to check before booking your visit if there is a specific attraction you wish to experience. You can find that here

Top Tips

  • Do not miss Python – the park’s original looping roller coaster – Pythin now features return times which are snapped up fast, arrive early and take advantage of one to ensure you ride!
  • Efteling is a huge park – Plan ahead, if there is certain attractions you wish to visit on a day, plan them into a route plan, you will find it’s a lot of walking to walk from one end of the park to the other.
  • Enjoy the shows! Certain shows offer english translations, such as Aquanura with it’s english introduction, or more prominently Raveleijn, where upon request you can recieve a headset to enjoy the show in your chosen language (subject to availability) – Raveleijn also required a time slot for the show, be sure to grab one and take a ride on the near by Villa Volta while you wait.
  • Plan for more than 1 day – if you wish to experience everything Efteling has to offer you will more than likely need 2 days or more. While it may be possible in quieter times to experience everything in the park, attractions such as the Fairytale forest take up an huge section of your day – leaving you with less time to fit everything into a 1 day visit.
  • Look down the smaller pathways – lesser known attractions or points of interest may hide down some of the smaller pathways and are well worth paying attention to!
  • Use the Efteling app – The parks app offers up to date information within the park including queue times, perfect to beat the crowds!
  • Relax, Efteling is not a park to rush around, enjoy the setting and ambience. You’ll enjoy the park a lot more.
  • Enjoy yourself!