De Efteling – Where To Eat

De Efteling offers a huge amount of restaurants, too many to list, so here’s a few of our favourites! As well as top tips for food on the go within the park!

No visit to Efteling would be complete without a visit to Polles Keuken, the famous pancake restaurant in the park, featuring intricate details throughout, delightfully light pancakes, and desserts suitable for a king, this is the place for a perfect lunch. It is open every day of the year and can be located opposite Symobolica towards the front of the park.

For pizza & pasta fans there’s Pinokkio’s pizza & pasta, an a lá carte restaurant offering fresh pizza and pasta. The younger ones children can decorate their own ice creams! The restaurant is a real touch of Italy beautifully located within the magic of Efteling.

Wapen Van Raveleijn offers a scrumptious either lunch or a 3 course meal depending on your visit. The restaurant offers a primairly meat based menu, with the main course consisting of chicken from the grill, and a selection of vegetables, followed up by warm Apple Pie with vanilla sauce for afters. The park highly recommend that you book for dinner times, however if you wish to visit for lunch then no booking is required.

Located throughout the park is a variety of fast food stalls, I would highly recommend trying several of these on your visit, however you will find the Unox stands offer a small snack for a very small price. These small hotdogs are a sure way to take away the hunger while on the move, and the sauce is great too!