De Efteling – Attractions

De Efteling offers a wide range of attractions, for families and of course thrill seekers too – from sailing on adventures through the east on Fata Morgana (see above) to the thrills of Joris En De Draak and the relaxing atmosphere of the Fairytale forest. Take a look below at just some of the fantastic attractions this beautiful park has to offer. While this is just a handful of the attractions on offer, do be sure to check out the Efteling website before your visit for the full list!

The Fairytale Forest

This is where the park began, explore the Fairytale Forest and enjoy aniatronic scenes of all your favourite (and Dutch) fairytales. A huge area to explore with minimal waiting times!

Baron 1898

The latest roller coaster to join the park, Baron 1898 is a mini B&M dive coaster. the ride features 2 inversions, and provides a very floaty experience throughout. Baron 1898 also features 2 pre-shows before the boarding, allowing for a story to be created using a mixture of impressive animatronics and projections throughout

Joris En De Draak

Joris En De Draak is a super fun, wooden coaster suitable for all the family! with a varying height limit allowing for smaller riders to ride in the middle of the train. The ride features 2 sides, water and fire, both of which have their own interactions including a fire breathing dragon or giant water splash. Joris is a must do attraction for anyone at De Efteling!

Vogel Rok

This indoor roller coaster reminds me of Space Mountain, with it’s beautiful soundtrack, and a smooth swooping layout, Vogel Rok  is the perfect indoor family coaster – while it does not feature any inversions, the ride keeps very interesting throughout, and with it’s pacing is great for everyone!

De Vliegende Hollander

Also known as The Flying Dutchman, this Kumbak water coaster offers a breathtaking ride for all. With it’s unique and in depth story, and beautifully themed queue line and station. The Flying Dutchman is one of the most intensively themed roller coasters in the world and while it’s layout isn’t all that spectacular, the story telling throughout is something on par with Disney –  a must do attraction.


Take a ride on a wild raft through a thrilling and wild rapids course, will you stay dry?


The latest addition to Efteling, Symbolica is a trackless dark ride which is shrouded in mystery. Offering 3 tours the ride is very re-ridable and in true Efteling fashion offers some beautiful effects throughout and fantastic story telling.


Commonly know as Dreamflight this is a ride that should be on anyone’s must see list. This suspended dark ride features intricate and detailed scenes across multiple levels thoughout, you are sure to see new details every time you ride. A real stand out attraction for De Efteling and much like The Flying Dutchman a must see!