The Alton Towers Dungeon

It’s time for a new season and with that comes a new set of additions to the UK’s theme parks. As a part of this Alton Towers have opened the Alton Towers Dungeon, which is the latest addition to the dungeons chain, which includes Warwick Castle, London, York and Blackpool to name but a few. Read more...

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Room On The Broom – Chessington World of Adventures

Hi everyone! Tonight we’re looking at the latest addition to Chessington’s lineup, Room on the broom, which has replaced Hocus Pocus Hall located near the entrance to the park.

Let me start by saying I intend to keep this as spoiler free as possible throughout as I can – so for those who have not experienced the attraction yet will be able to base a judgment on what to expect without having to worry about major spoilers inside the attraction, although there will be a mention of some of the effects in use. Read more...

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Blue Lagoon Wales

Blue Lagoon is a small water park located in Pembrokeshire, next to Oakwood Theme Park and features as a part of a much larger resort. Featuring 4 body slides, a wave pool, a children’s pool as well as a lazy river and relaxation areas this small water park can really pack a lot into a small space! Upon arriving it is clear just how much care and consideration has gone into the water park and resort, with modern classy architecture throughout – even the road way up to the parking area features small details which just add that little bit extra to your first impressions. Read more...

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Cadbury World

For anyone chocolate lover, the ultimate dream is to go to Cadbury World. After all it’s the real life version of Charlie and the chocolate factory right? I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few times now and it’s changed every visit whether that be layout or general features. Read more...

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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Once again Winter Wonderland, located in Hyde Park, central London has made its long awaited return for 2018/2019 and finally we have managed to make it out to experience this magical event for another year.

Once again the event see’s so many exciting opportunities, which if you have the time (and money) could keep you busy for a week! With Peter Pan on Ice, Cirque Berserk and Zippos Christmas Circus just a few of the incredible shows on offer and all available to book online. Of course the events iconic ice rink once again makes a return in the well known location. The event this year has otherwise seen a new layout in many places with many new additions to the already very exciting ride line up, such as Dr Archibald and Circus Circus. Dr Archibald providing high quality theming with a VR based ride section in the middle. The ride is suitable for everyone, and is certainly a unique experience well worth trying whether you are a fan of VR or not. Read more...

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Drayton Manor’s Magical Christmas

It’s hard to believe it’s time for yet another Christmas event – and of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without visiting Drayton’s Magical Christmas at Drayton Manor Park.

The event see’s a wide selection of attractions open including the former Ben 10 rollercoaster, now known as Accelerator, Jolly Bucaneer, the park’s classic carousel, 4D cinema and a small free ice skating rink. Sheriff Showdown and the Polperro Express also became new additions to the events expanding ride lineup this year – showing the parks commitment to continuously improve and expand. Most attractions feature a festive update, whether this be additional queue line theming, as seen at Sherrif Showdown, or Christmas scenes set up along the route (As seen on Sodor Trains, and Polperro Express). The addition of 2 shows to the 4D cinema meant that while “Ice Age 4D: No time for Nuts” was also running, there was a focus on “Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas” too, and is well worth seeing, especially for those who are a fan of the Ice Age series! Shows run up until park close although I’d highly recommend trying to catch a show before 4:30 due to the fireworks and parade. Read more...

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Disneyland Paris – Mickey 90th Annual Pass Soireé

Disneyland Paris have introduced a whole range of special ticketed events in recent times, while just a few years back the only ticketed event was the Halloween Soireé – recent years have seen then addition of a New Years Eve Soireé and most recently of all a selection of annual pass events – so, are they worth it? The short answer yes, while they have not taken away from the offerings in the park on a day to day basis they have further expanded the variety of unique and exciting events for fans of the resort, especially annual pass holders. Read more...

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Christmas at the Castle (Warwick Castle)

Welcome to another review! While the site is primarily aimed at theme parks, Warwick Castle is operated by theme park operator – Merlin entertainments and as such I felt deserved it’s own review!

Christmas at the castle is a family event, much like all the events at Warwick – having last year visited the event later on I discovered a large section of the indoor of the castle was closed, making it a point to visit early in the event this year. Read more...

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