Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Where To Eat

Blackpool Pleasure Beach offers a wide range of catering outlets across the park. While many offer a range of fast food, such as fish and chips or hot dogs. There is a varied selection of food across the park available – from Noodles at Infusion Wok to the Gourmet Burger and Chicken stands of the FY4 fountain area. Blackpool food outlets are mostly kept in house (All operated and ran by Pleasure Beach) with the exception of Burger King which is located towards the back of the park, near SkyForce.

The park’s signature restaurant is The White Tower Restaurant, located in the Casino building. This fine dining experience is one of Blackpool’s most famous and is sure to delight taste buds of those who dine there. With a private outdoor terrace, and indoor views of the near by sea front – dining at The White Tower Restaurant is a tasty treat for those who wish to experience it!

Inside the Pleasure Beach, Coasters has recently re-opened after a large refurbishment which saw it transformed into a new sleek and elegant restaurant located right in the heart of the park. Offering a wide variety of foods including Fajita’s, and a large bar range, Coasters is perfect for those who wish to take some extra time out on their day at the Pleasure Beach for a meal without leaving the setting of the rides.

Big Pizza Kitchen – Pizza & Pasta Buffet offers a wide range of salad, pasta, pizza’s and garlic bread for those who would prefer something Italian for their meal. The meal is a buffet service so once seated you can collect as many plates of food as you can handle.  On offer similar to coasters is a bar with a large selection of alcoholic drinks available, alternatively a selection of refillable soft drinks is also on offer.