Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Top Tips And Opening Times

Opening Times

Blackpool Pleasure Beach opens from February to November – while the park is open most days, it may be closed in some off peak times. Always check the park’s website before your visit. Blackpool Pleasure Beach does however offer some of the UK’s longest theme park hours, especially during the summer months where it can be open as late as 10pm. You can find opening times here.

Top Tips

  • Book online – the park offers huge discounts for booking online up to midnight the day before. If you book 7 days in advanced be sure to take advantage of the priority entrance perk, where your wristbands and entrance passes will be posted directly to you, allowing you to bypass the collection queue lines.
  • Arrive early – wristband collection opens before the park, arrive early to take advantage of this and avoid the crowds.
  • Take advantage of locker systems – most rides with the exception of Icon, The Big One, Avalanche and SkyForce are bags on rides. Take advantage of the lockers located near the front gates inside the park  to be able to leave your belongings out the way.
  • Take advantage of the numerous offers the park offer, often you will receive a map and a discount booklet, these include things such as discounts on donuts, the adventure golf which is operated by the park or the near by Pasaje Del Terror, and are well worth keeping hold of.
  • Several rides such as Nickelodeon Streak and Grand Prix get a very long queue very quickly, plan these early or late in to your day to minimise your wait time.
  • Rides such as Derby Racer and Flying Machines get through huge crowd numbers very quick, even on the busiest days you should be able to access these rides without a major wait.
  • Relax – the park has a lot to offer, but rushing around will take away from your enjoyment of the park, give yourself plenty of time and enjoy your time at the park properly.
  • Visit the shows – Pleasure Beach hosts a whole variety of exciting shows. Hot Ice is included for the 2:30 showing on your wristband (approx 90 mins – limited seats only)
  • Have fun!