Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Attractions

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the worlds most ride intensive amusement park, with countless interactions between many of it’s attractions, including the brand new roller coaster for 2018 – Icon. The park features a vast selection of flat rides, dark rides and roller coasters suitable for all ages – with the park’s oldest ride still operating today dating back to 1904 it is clear just how important history is to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and preserving that, while continuing to progress forward with new and exciting rides as well. Once again this guide will take a look at the highlight attractions from the park.


First up and new for 2018 is Icon, the UK’s first double launch roller coaster provides thrills for all ages, with it’s smooth ride experience, air time moments and inversions. One of the highlight moments of the ride comes directly after the first launch as you are thrown up out your seat, dipping through the lift hill of The Big One, before racing round an incline loop and underneath Big Dipper. The high capacity for Icon means that when operating on busier days it often has one of the shortest waits in the park. Despite this it features one of the longest ride times of any roller coaster in the UK!

The Big One

Once the world’s tallest roller coaster, The Big One dominates the Blackpool skyline for miles – this iconic coaster reaches speeds over 70mph and drops from a height of 235ft (above sea level) offering stunning views of Blackpool, especially across the illuminations period. The Big One interacts with many other rides around it, diving under big dipper, before cutting through Nickelodeon streak and even passing the Pleasure Beach Express railway.

Big Dipper

1 of 4 Classic wooden roller coasters at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the Big Dipper is also the oldest, recently celebrating it’s 90th birthday. This classic roller coaster has a long history including a world record by Richard Rodriguez for the longest continuous riding session on a roller coaster. The Big Dipper has been shared by generations and continues to do so to this day – offering a true classic thrill ride for all!

Nickelodeon Streak

Located in Nickelodeon Land and painted a suitably bright orange, Nickelodeon Streak is the smaller scale version of Big Dipper, offering a similar out and back style layout. Nickelodeon Streak was formerly known as Rollercoaster for many years, before being updated for the opening of Nickelodeon Land in 2011. Despite it’s appearance, the ride packs just as many thrills as Big Dipper, with plenty of lateral forces and airtime moments throughout.

Blue Flyer

Located in Nickelodeon Land Blue Flyer, formerly known as Zipper Dipper is the smallest of the wooden coasters at Pleasure Beach. Perfect for young children especially the ride packs in the thrills of your traditional wooden coaster in a much smaller circuit suitable for the younger ones! Although that doesn’t stop the adults enjoying it just as much!

Grand National

The 4th and final wooden coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is Grand National, this mobius loop, racing wooden coaster has been thrilling riders for decades, providing some of the biggest thrills in the Pleasure Beach. The ride pitches 2 trains of riders against each other as they race to be first across the finish line, returning on the opposite side of the track to where they began! Featuring 2 double down sections, and large drops throughout the Grand National is one not to be missed for the hardcore thrill seekers!


The last of it’s kind, Steeplechase is an exciting, family roller coaster which allows riders to sit on top of horses in a similar style to a carousel, while racing along the tracks of a roller coaster. With up to 3 lanes in operation it’s a great way to have some competitive fun with friends or family! The track crosses over and by several attractions, offering some unique views of various parts of the Pleasure Beach, including the Chinese Puzzle Maze.


Take a ride down the twisty slippery slopes in your own Toboggan on this short but thrilling Bobsled coaster – Avalanche does not feature a fixed track, instead using a half pipe style track system for the bobsled trains to free wheel on along the circuit, finishing with 2 helix’s in opposite directions the ride creates a thrilling experience for all. Avalanche is one not to be missed and is suitable for all ages.

Alice’s Wonderland

Take a journey into the magical world of Alice In Wonderland in this classic Pleasure Beach attraction, featuring many of the iconic Alice In Wonderland moments, as well as characters this dark ride is suitable for all the family, in this unique and fun adventure through Wonderland. Who knows you may even be joined by a friend on your journey too!

Ghost Train

The original Ghost Train, Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s classic attraction operates to this day. The park continuously invest into updating and changing scenes although this still retains it’s classic feel throughout. The ride features a drop and several clever uses of techniques inside, but you’ll have to go explore yourself to find out what these are of course!

River Caves

River Caves is a classic attraction which see’s up to 6 riders experience the “Tunnel of love” drifting through various scenes including the Jurassic era, an aquarium, ancient Egypt and Angkor. This classic attraction still proves popular to this day, and is a Pleasure Beach staple in the ride lineup. The ride runs mostly underneath several attractions located above it, utilising space very well and leaving a minimal exterior foot print.

Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic

Take a ride with Wallace and Gromit as you journey into these classic Aardman stories. Featuring all your favourite Wallce & Gromit moments – The world’s only Wallace & Gromit ride is sure to delight any Wallace & Gromit fan!


May the god’s of the north be with you on this viking voyage, frequently voted the world’s best water ride, Valhalla is an explosion of effects, featuring Ice, Fire, Wind, Thunder. The ride features several unique and exciting features including a ring of fire at the bottom of the finale drop, as well as a water vortex inside. Valhalla is a true soaker, and poncho’s are highly recommended unless it is a very hot day!

Derby Racer

One of the last of it’s kind this ride is a larger version of a carousel, which moves at a faster pace. A true classic and suitable for all the family! The organ still rings out today, playing beautiful versions of many classic songs.

Flying Machines

Opened in 1904 Flying Machines is the classic Pleasure Beach attraction, located at the front of the park – your flight on board your rocket takes you on a journey around The Grand National, Ice Blast, Derby Racer and the near by Valhalla. This classic attraction is loved by many for generations, and will be for generations to come.

And many more…

These are just a few of the exciting rides and attractions that await you at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, be sure to check their website before visiting for the full list!