Alton Towers – Where To Eat

Alton Towers offers a huge variety of food options, so I’ve rounded a few of my favourites up for you to get the best meal while you enjoy your time at the resort – there’s something for everyone, from Pizza/Pasta to Steak to Chicken. Of course this is just a small look at a much wider offering that the park has on offer, be sure to check your park map!

Rollercoaster Restaurant

Top of the list is the park’s Rollercoaster Restaurant which joined the ever growing restaurant line up as a joint investment along side Galactica so it’s no surprise this restaurant features a modern lively atmosphere with neon lighting and rollercoaster video’s playing at intervals throughout your meal. If that wasn’t enough all your food comes on it’s own rollercoaster ride from the kitchen via a special track throughout the restaurant. The restaurant does offer 2 separate menu’s for both lunch and dinner, offering choice for anyone who wishes to return twice in 1 day. the menu offers a varied choice with steak, fish, burgers and even curry topping the menu!

Explorers Pizza & Pasta

Explorers Pizza & Pasta is located in Katanga Canyon, opposite the Runaway Mine Train and offers a vast selection of pizza and pasta options, from the favourites such as bolognese or just plain cheese and tomato for pasta. Pizza’s vary with something for all tastes including meat feat, vegetarian or for those wanting something hot there is a special pizza too – of course no pizza and pasta would be complete without some garlic bread, which rounds out an already delicious offering. Drinks are included in Explorers and are refillable on tap throughout your meal.

Woodcutters Bar & Grill

Woodcutters Bar & Grill offers a more traditional take on the food being served in the Rollercoaster Restaurant, located in fountain square by the towers it provides a perfect place for a relaxing table service meal in the summer months – complete with a bar for those who enjoy an alcoholic drink over their meal. (But do please drink responsibly!)

The Fried Chicken Co

The Fried Chicken Co is a quick service restaurant located in X-Sector opposite The Smiler, and provides the parks version of KFC. Offering a variety of wraps, burgers and chicken with or without bone the menu is enough to keep any chicken fan happy. Being a quick service restaurant it enables you to take your food away straight into the next queue line if you so fancy, or sit inside and enjoy the unique decor of the restaurant it’s self. Prices are also a bit lower than the other restaurants listed, perfect for those on a budget.

The Crooked Spoon

Park closed? Spending a day away from the park? The Crooked Spoon is located in The Enchanted Village and offers a relaxed ambient for a meal. While the menu is similar to Woodcutters Bar & Grill, featuring a variety of steak, fish & chips and burgers – The Crooked Spoon also offers a variety of paninis for lunch. With both indoor and outdoor seating The Crooked Spoon is a relaxing break from the fast paced action of the theme park, allowing you to make the most of your relaxation time before another busy day in the park.