Alton Towers – Top Tips And Opening Times

Opening Times

Alton Towers opens from mid/late March to early November every year for all the most up to date opening times be sure to check the park website here (Link will open in a new tab)

Top Tips

  • Arrive early! Annual passholders and hotel guests gain entry from 9:30am except on Scarefest and Fireworks, use this time to ride your first few rides before the crowds
  • Work in the opposite direction to the crowds – the majority of the crowds will start on the park’s newest ride or Spinball Whizzer, try starting from the back of the park.
  • Plan carefully – An early/late lunch can make all the difference, make the most of the time when others are eating and queues are slightly shorter
  • Visit rides with a higher capacity during the afternoon, rides such as Hex and Duel tend to have a minimal wait throughout the day, try to do these when the crowd levels are at their highest elsewhere.
  • Explore the gardens or towers, they offer a relaxing break from the fast paced day of the rides, taking 20 minutes out can be very refreshing and very enjoyable
  • Don’t stress – arguing amongst your group of where to go next will only make things slower, relax and work around the park, you will get on everything.
  • Work around the park in a logical order – Alton Towers is a huge park with a lot of steep hillsides and long pathways, work around it in a logical order. Jumping between opposite ends of the park all the time will only slow you down further
  • Enjoy yourself!