Alton Towers – Accommodation

Looking to stay the night?

Alton Towers offers a selection of accommodation suitable for everyone, whether you want to immerse yourself in the Caribbean at Splash Landings, escape to the Enchanted village or just relax in the homely surroundings of Alton Towers Hotel there’s something for everyone! so here’s a brief look at all the available offerings at Alton Towers.

Alton Towers Hotel

The premium offering from Alton Towers is Alton Towers Hotel, a cozy hotel with themed rooms and a variety of suites. Fancy a stay in space? How about one of the hotel’s “Moon Voyager” rooms? How about a visit to the arctic with the “Arctic Explorer” room? During peak time this hotel offers a fantastic selection of live entertainment, from a magic show for the younger ones to live singers for the adults – and with The Dragon Bar (Open till around 11pm) near by, it’s the perfect opportunity to chill out for the night before a buffet breakfast in The Secret Garden in the morning before doing it all again!

Alton Towers Hotel Garden

The Enchanted Village

Billed as the mid range offering, The Enchanted Village is a happy, vibrant accommodation perfect for the summer months – although still relaxing for the winter too. Rooms are situated in lodges which feature 2 rooms each, meaning you have a real feeling of the open area around the cabin. For the larger groups, or those who just want to splash out – why not book a Treehouse? These unique cabins offer their own unique charm and also feature a hot tub to relax in under the nights sky! While there is no dedicated entertainment area at the Enchanted Village, it has played host to a variety of shows, events and activities in the past – and of course you’re always welcome in to the other hotels to enjoy their entertainment too. Breakfast is available at The Crooked Spoon.

The Enchanted Village Lodges

Splash Landings Hotel

Splash Landings hotel may be regarded as the budget option but the experience is still a unique, fun quirky hotel full of character. Transporting you into the Caribbean this hotel is situated around the Cariba Creek water park (Seperate entry ticket required) bu offers a fun and vibrant atmosphere for all – again Splash Landings features entertainment for all ages up till late (Including some karaoke for those not afraid to sing the night away) – however it is well worth noting that Margarita’s bar closes at 2am in Splash Landings, and as such offers a much more energetic atmosphere for those who wish to party late into the night. The hotel also plays host to Flambo’s Jambo, an all you can eat buffet pizzeria, or some unusual tastes from around the world, don’t worry if this isn’t your thing! Flambo’s will also be offering you a more traditional breakfast in the morning.

Cbeebies Hotel

Cbeebies hotel is the 4th and final offering for park guests, and is aimed at young families who wish to immerse themselves in the characters of Cbeebies, featuring a variety of different rooms and suites you’re sure to find a room suitable for even the fussiest Cbeebies fan! The hotel is only accessible via a special wristband which is exclusive to those staying at the hotel meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone else who may come wandering in! Again the hotel offers a fantastic selection of entertainment for the younger ones! As well as a delicious breakfast before you begin your next day!

Octonauts Room – Located in Cbeebies Hotel