Where have I been? What’s going on?

Hi all, apologies for the long delay between posts.

As many of you know, I run the site pretty much solo, although I’ve very fortunate to have amazing friends who support me and join me on the journey through various trips and video contributions, such as Jay! The project with Coastin.net is still going strong, and for those following the Youtube I’m sure you’ve seen a whole host of new POV’s go online too. I run the site because I love the industry, and because I want to give back to something I’ve loved my entire life,  and the incredible parks out there. This takes time as you can imagine! I’ll be starting a new set of park guides, as well as filming a LOT of new content at brand new parks in the coming weeks.

From a personal point of view I always aim my content in a way of what feels right to myself, I  have never done stuff for views, I never will – I aim to make this website and youtube one day one of the go to resources on the net for theme park content.

As it stands I am currently in the middle of seriously intensive exams, coursework and working full time to be able to bring these new and exciting videos to you in the future, often doing 7 day weeks, which of course as you can understand means I don’t have any time spare for writing/major content at the moment. These are on going for the next few weeks so content will be slow but stick with me! It’ll be an exciting time ahead, including some of the worlds largest roller coasters, some parks I could only have dreamed of visiting when I was younger, some favourites and much more! It’s going to be a great journey and I really can’t wait to share it with you all!

– Chris

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