Why events are so important to the Theme Park industry

This is a subject that’s been crossing my mind for a little while now, especially after seeing the backlash to certain parks announcing new, unique events rather than new rides for 2019. It feels to myself as if a lot of people expect every park to be able to invest in multi million pound rides and attractions every year like in RCT/Planet Coaster. Now I love RCT, and Planet Coaster, I grew up playing RCT every day of my childhood, but running a theme park isn’t as simple as a click of a button. While I wouldn’t want to speculate on every little detail, it boils down to something many enthusiasts often forget.

Theme/amusement parks are a business, they are there to make profit. Unfortunately this means not every year can be a B&M, an RMC, a brand new large scale coaster or thrill ride. A focus on family attractions, water rides and filler rides is also just as important to appeal to the wider audiences. Where I am going with this is, these events, they appeal to that wider audience, they may not appeal to yourself as a rides enthusiast, but they may appeal to an enthusiast of for example, inflatable courses, who also likes rides but may not have visited before. These events create huge amounts of additional secondary spend, which can then be invested back into the park..into new rides.

Some events offer a chance for later riding, some events just offer a small space away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds in the theme park. All these unique opportunities keep the parks alive and fresh, with new offerings to refresh the existing line up of attractions.

Seasonal events have always proved popular, and with the introduction of summer events more commonly appearing where they hadn’t previously, this offers a world of opportunities going forward, often replacing empty space.

Next time a park announces a new event, why not give it a try? everything is worth giving a fair chance, you never know it might just surprise you! and if not, just remember, it’s all helping to support the park, attracting guests who may not have visited otherwise, contributing towards future new attractions.

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