6 Non-Theme Park Attractions & Activities in the UK

Looking to kill the winter blues? or maybe just planning a day for the summer? The theme parks may still be closed, until next week for some at least – but there’s plenty of exciting and fun attractions over the country that are sure to get your imagination running, so why don’t we take a look at a few of my personal favourites? From chocolately delights in Birmingham to soaring high above the seas in Blackpool. There’s so much to see and do! So why not dive head first into some of my absolute favourite non-theme park related activities!

Warner Brothers Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

Who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter? this unique and exciting studio tour offers an insight into the creative mind of the teams involved in the production of these legendary films, providing it’s own magic entirely different from the theme park lands seen at Universal Studio’s theme parks across the world. Witness the doors of the great hall open in front of you, step into Diagon alley and Marvel at the real life hogwarts model used to film many iconic moments in the films. With a chance to explore in depth the creation of everyone’s favourite characters, the animatronics, star in your own harry potter roles and a new area opening very soon, what’s not to love?

Cadbury World

Cadbury World is every chocoholic’s dream, I mean who can turn away the lights of fresh milk chocolate and the smells of melted chocolate everywhere you turn? Featuring a themed tour, with a large intake of Cadbury history, including a look at marketing material, a live animatronic drumming gorilla and of course the factory tour – you can certainly get your Cadbury fix, oh and did I mention the free chocolate on the way round too?

Cadbury World also features a short dark ride called Cadabra, as well as one of the UK’s best 4D cinema’s with a flight on the Creme Egg airship and a daring ride on the Crunchie Roller coaster – an absolute family favourite that can be visited before or after your tour time. It is well worth remembering that while you may book a tour for 1pm for example, you can still enjoy the rest of the exciting adventures at Cadbury World before or after your tour. The ground offers a large variety of displays such as the Bournville experience as well as an annotated tour of the nearby Bournville village. During Winter months the attraction also offers a form of live pantomine. If you are intending on visiting Cadbury World you must pre-book online as it does frequently sell out in advanced!

Located in Birmingham, UK


Flip Out

Who doesn’t like to be a big kid again and literally bounce off the walls? Flip Out provide a fun and exciting atmosphere with various sessions for all styles and skill levels, whether you just want to bounce around the basics, or try complicated freestyle techniques. You can learn it all here, and the best bit? Cancel that gym membership! You can get your routine exercise right here too. Perfect for groups and evening activities there’s something for everyone! after all what’s better than front flipping off a trampoline into a large pile of foam bricks?

Located all over the UK – Picture below is from Glasgow.

Laser Tag/Megazone 

Missing the competitive edge of beating your best friend on Duel or Tomb Blaster? why not pit each other head to head in a game of laser tag, while certainly a lot more tiring than sitting in your ride vehicle, the same competitive edge is there, with the tactical ability of hiding each other hidden in. You can almost guarantee there’ll be a local laser arena somewhere near by, so why not get out there and find out who’s the best? Suitable for ages 1-100 and large groups especially!

Located all over the UK – Picture from Derby Megazone.

Sandcastle Water Park

What’s better than slipping and sliding, splashing down water slides and wave pools? Why not take a visit to Sandcastle Water Park in Blackpool, the UK’s largest indoor water park. Featuring countless slides and the world’s longest indoor masterblaster water slide it’s sure to be a splash to remember. The water park also offers a boomerang style slide, a head first mat slide and a space bowl style slide as well as a variety of smaller but just as crazy, fun slides for all. Hate carrying around wet soggy notes? Me too, Sandcastle fortunately has Splash Cash, a contactless system which can be linked to your locker wristband, for any unspent money, it’ll be refunded once you hand back in your wristband! Perfect.The water park also offers accessible evenings for those with the need for these too, making it suitable for everyone!

Located in Blackpool

Honourable mentions to: Alton Towers Water Park, Water World, and Blue Lagoon Water Park.

Blackpool Tower

While many of you may have expected to see The London Eye on this list, I personally prefer to visit The Blackpool Tower for a relaxing view from high up above. (Or if in London, pay the extra and do The Shard) The Blackpool Tower is an iconic landmark of this seaside town. With a truly brilliant 4D cinema suitable for all ages before the ascent to the top, which features a small bar area, and several levels to explore – with stunning views of Blackpool and beyond. As a part of The Blackpool Tower Complex there is also the world famous ballroom, and Blackpool tower circus.

Honourable mentions

Dragonfly Maze located in Bourton on the Water.
London Science Museum
Model Village located in Skegness
Jungle Falls Adventure Golf London

Other Attractions

Of course there are many many more exciting and unique attractions out there, on both sides of the coast, and in city/town centers across the country. From model villages, incredible mini golf courses to pantomimes and theatre shows – find what’s right for you and go explore! I do hope you’ve enjoyed my look at just a few of my favourite midway attractions – If you have any suggestions do please get in touch!

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