A talk about how the new direction is going – A new series Coastindustry and more!

Good evening all!

Quite a few things to talk about tonight so I am going to break this post into several pieces – I do hope you enjoy!

Coming soon!

I’m thrilled to announce I am currently working on a series called Coastindustry.

The whole point of Coastindustry is to keep the site, and YouTube channel up to date and informative, but without overloading the network with multiple articles/videos. As you all know I don’t do click bait, and what you see is what you get with Coastin.net. This is a project I am incredibly proud of throughout, and the direction things have been taking these last few weeks after making changes (Please click here if you missed this article!) while I am still 100% working out how I shall be presenting the series on YouTube I fully intend to have each month’s episode live on the final Friday of each month. My aim is to make each video around 20-25 minutes long, however this will depend a lot on the details given, and of course news/things to talk about for that month. I feel this will be giving some extra stability to the POV content and event videos I have been sharing and further bring another professional outlook to the channel – and will be presented in such a way.

Any written versions of Coastindustry will be featured on the website, and of course tagged as appropriate too, with a page listing each month’s edition as they go live.

I will be releasing more information soon on this series so please stay tuned!

The new direction – how does it feel?

Something I’m sure many of you may be curious about is how I feel several weeks on about this new direction for the site and channel.

I will be totally honest, the initial impact is tough – video views have dropped in places which I did expect. I do this for the love of it, not for views – but it is 100% the right direction to be going in, and I feel with the new series being launched too this should propel the whole brand in ways I could have only imagined before. I feel like there’s less pressure to film on my days out – for example Winter Wonderland this year I did the written write up, previously I may have felt like I had to do a video, rather than wanting to. With it being my only visit to the event I didn’t film anything. I considered filming Wilde Maus XXL and Munich Looping but decided against it due to personal reasons, despite this I still felt like I was able to add something fresh and new to the site, which people are enjoying.

When it comes to event videos, such as media events I will of course be filming in a similar style to the previous vlogs, but again fully intend to make this feel more professional and slick – I look forward to sharing this when it happens! These WON’T be Vlogs but they will be fully featured videos where I will talk about attractions and events as we experience them still, hopefully this will make more sense when you see it!

I do of course welcome all feedback so please any feedback you do have do please get in touch using the contact form or by e-mailing social@coastin.net

Park guides – Which is next? 

I’ve had a few people ask which park guide I shall be writing next – the answer for this is Blackpool Pleasure Beach. With an extensive knowledge of the park, and it’s hotel I look forward to giving a write up on one of my favourite uk amusement parks all in time for their new season in February! I am very excited to launch this – Blackpool Pleasure Beach have also supplied a huge array of press/high definition images for the guide as well. Stay tuned on social media channels as I will announce when the park guide has launched!

Where are you heading to in 2019?

My ambition in 2019 is to drive the channel to new places I have never visited, as well as return to a few favourites. Of course returning to Fantasy Island, Oakwood, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Blackpool – but also new parks for the channel too. While I won’t confirm 100% where we are heading out to, as things aren’t confirmed on exact details yet. The parks ahead look very exciting, and I look forward to sharing POV content where possible from them all! As well as park overview videos and more. There are some very exciting plans ahead with the guys at DISabled too, as you may have seen I recently featured in one of their videos from the Mickey 90 soireé at DLP last month.

Will you be writing more blogs?

Yes I will be, however when it comes to writing actual blog pots at the moment things are feeling a little bit slow and as such I am not going to force an article for the sake of keeping up a number. I can’t wait to share more with you all, but I always want to strive to achieve 110%

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