Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Once again Winter Wonderland, located in Hyde Park, central London has made its long awaited return for 2018/2019 and finally we have managed to make it out to experience this magical event for another year.

Once again the event see’s so many exciting opportunities, which if you have the time (and money) could keep you busy for a week! With Peter Pan on Ice, Cirque Berserk and Zippos Christmas Circus just a few of the incredible shows on offer and all available to book online. Of course the events iconic ice rink once again makes a return in the well known location. The event this year has otherwise seen a new layout in many places with many new additions to the already very exciting ride line up, such as Dr Archibald and Circus Circus. Dr Archibald providing high quality theming with a VR based ride section in the middle. The ride is suitable for everyone, and is certainly a unique experience well worth trying whether you are a fan of VR or not.

Circus Circus was providing a very generous ride cycle throughout the night, and at only 5 tokens provided a thrill for money!

Circus circus
Roll up the Cirucs is in town!

Wipeout seemed to be thrilling many crowds with an intense and exciting looking take on a spinning flat before it heads off to Australia.

Of course favourites Hangover, Munich Looping, Alpen Hotel and Wild Maus XXL also made a return for the 2018/19 season and continued to delight crowds with the usual high quality performance (although of a bit short at times on Hangover) from the attractions. Showing just how proud the owners of the rides are of their machines.

Wild Amis XXL
Watch out for this mouse!

Many of the events bars provide a huge selection of live music, of course this was once again in full swing, with the Bavarian Village providing the highlight of the night, although an honourable mention to the Fire Pit who were delighting a strong crowd as we walked by a very strong performance.

Crowds rock the Bavarian Village at Winter Wonderland

The Angels Christmas Market has once again returned for this year and sits in its best setup in many years, allowing a real chance to explore the markets fully and easily – while a lot of products we found were repeated across some stalls, there was not a bad product on sale throughout, with something suitable for everyone.

Winter Wonderland wouldn’t be Winter Wonderland without it’s huge selection of festive foods, with everything from German Bratwursts, to Taco Bowls (Which are delicious by the way) to pizza and vegetarian options, there really is something for everyone! Be sure to go check out the huge selection of chocolate and sweets which are sure to delight tastebuds everywhere.

Once again the event this year has proved Winter Wonderland has reinvented its self once again keeping the offering feeling fresh and exciting – which keeps us wanting more. We are already planning our 2019/2020 visit, are you?

Winter Wonderland 2018/19

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