Disneyland Paris – Mickey 90th Annual Pass Soireé

Disneyland Paris – Mickey 90th Annual Pass Soireé

Disneyland Paris have introduced a whole range of special ticketed events in recent times, while just a few years back the only ticketed event was the Halloween Soireé – recent years have seen then addition of a New Years Eve Soireé and most recently of all a selection of annual pass events – so, are they worth it? The short answer yes, while they have not taken away from the offerings in the park on a day to day basis they have further expanded the variety of unique and exciting events for fans of the resort, especially annual pass holders.

While the night initially started in chaos due to crowd control before everyone had even got in, and no access queues for green/orange card holders who needed it – this was soon made up by a night of spectacular shows. The opening ceremony saw a huge mixture of dancers, and characters pour onto a specially set up stage on central plaza. The soundtrack of Disneyland’s Soundsational parade filling the entirety of central plaza, the initial entry woes soon forgotten. The show featured a high energy throughout really setting the scene for what was set to be a fantastic night.

Shortly following this there was a short goofy show teaching the choreography of the Mickey 90 soundtrack, although I can see what the resort was attempting to do, unfortunately it failed to grasp the crowd fully.

Les Folies de Mickey & Minnie was the big surprise show of the night, featuring a similar feel to the Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary show, even using soundtracks from the show. Featuring a marathon of characters this show really wow’d the crowds on both performances and for many proved to be one of the highlights.

Characters paradise on central plaza as the celebrations continue!

Disney Dreams also made an emotional return for one night only, delighting crowds with loud cheers between each scene, the show ran without fault with all effects (except the water screens) ran perfectly. The responses from the crowd proved just how much the show is still loved by fans and I hope to see the show return in some form in the future, which is far superior to the current Disney Illuminations.

Disney Dreams makes an emotional return for one night only!

The night offered a mixture of very exciting character meets for everyone! From Nick and Judy to Venelope Von Schweetz, Carl & Russel and even R2D2 there was plenty of exciting characters bout for those who wished to meet them, although do be prepared to wait!

The closing ceremony saw all the characters of the night join the stage in a huge celebration, topped out with even more pyrotechnics. With a show spanning Main Street USA all the way to Sleeping Beauty Castle. This show again like the opening ceremony was full of high energy performances once more. Of course, no birthday celebration is complete without singing happy birthday – with Minnie leading a happy birthday singalong for birthday mouse himself! The scale of the show is something that the resort can be very proud of, and certainly deserving of the title “The world’s biggest mouse party”

Pyrotechnics light up the closing ceremony for a spectacular finale to the night!

Finally to close the night out a pleasant surprise as the resort’s goodnight kiss with Minnie and Mickey closing out the event on Main Street USA station.

Mickey & Minnie wave goodbye to all the park guests from Main Street USA station

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