Disneyland Paris Enchanted Christmas

Disneyland Paris Enchanted Christmas

It’s hard to believe yet another year has flown by, but with that comes many festive events. Having not been to Disneyland Paris since last new year I was incredibly excited to be back for this short visit. Disneyland Paris Christmas is always a stand out event of the year and this year see’s it stronger than ever.

It’s clear from when you first enter the resort how much effort has been put in resort wide in decorations. Every resort lined with garlands and beautiful Christmas trees while Disney Village is dressed in the usual festive attire.

As you pass under Disneyland Hotel and first head into Main Street USA the Disneyland railroad station the festive decorations continue with a beautiful wreath with the words “Happy Holidays” written across it.

This beautiful Mickey shaped wreath creates the perfect festive start to a day in Disneyland Parc.

Upon walking in underneath the train station it is clear just how much effort has been put into making Main Street USA thrive in festive colours, with mixtures of blues and whites, green and reds throughout. Even Main Street Transportation featuring garland on the authentic vehicles.

The Christmas tree stands high above the nearby buildings, waiting for its lighting ceremony that evening, however still very impressive in its idle state.

Of course the fake snow falls and iconic Main Street Christmas loop echos through the area to create an incredibly immersive feeling for everyone.

The tree on Main Street USA
The beautiful Christmas tree stands tall over town square.

As well as beautiful decorations, a huge variety of entertainment was on offer, including Disney’s Christmas parade, a high energy festive delight that runs 3 times a day down the Disneyland Parc parade route! The performers seemed incredibly lively, with plenty of interaction from all! While the floats may be the same as a few years ago, last years new soundtrack has given this parade a whole new life once again, making for a very enjoyable watch.

Merry Stitchmas provides a high energy stage show on the outdoor stage which is sure to delight any fans of stitch, a fantastic fun show which anyone can love!

Unfortunately let’s sing Christmas was not on during our visit to be able to review it, but it looks like a nice mixture of carol singing and characters in the videopolis theatre for those who enjoy it!

Disney’s Christmas Parade
Disney’s Christmas Parade creates a festive cheer for all as it rolls along the parade route.

It’s a small world has also received its “holiday” overlay for 2018, which see’s many of the dolls in the ride dressed for the festive period, as well as a festive soundtrack throughout.

It’s a small world is a festive delight for Disney’s Christmas once again.

Mickeys Christmas Lights sees the lighting of the huge Christmas tree every evening, proving a huge festive sing along. While I was not a big fan of the mouse party song being thrown in the middle of the show (stay tuned for a review from the world’s biggest mouse party very soon) the show as ever proved a delight and a highlight of the event with the spectacular dancing tree.

The beautifully lit Christmas tree following Mickeys Magical Christmas Lights.

Disneyland Parc has also received the enchanted advent calendar once more, and also a wide variety of Christmas meet and greets, including Santa!

Of course along side all of this, Disney Illuminations and Stars on Parade are also running, providing opportunities to see your favourite shows amongst the Christmas fun!

Over at Walt Disney Studios Park, Front Lot and Studio 1 have received the usual festive attire, adding a splash of festive colour to the bright indoor Hollywood inspired walkway.

Walt Disney Studios has significantly improved in offering Christmas shows, something that has only just recently been introduced. With Goofys incredible Christmas, Mickeys Big Band and Merry Jolly Jingles as well as a food festival on Plaza De Remy. It is clear the expansion of the event in the Studios has taken a major step forward for 2018.

Mickeys Big Band is currently running in place of the award winning Mickey and the Magician, leaving it with huge boots to fill. Mickeys Big Band however does not have any issues doing this, with one of the most lively and impressive shows to grace Disneyland Paris in recent times. With a lively mixture of tap dancing, singing, characters and wrapping up with a huge finale “sing” which many may know as the soundtrack for Tower of Terror. Mickeys Big Band fills the venue perfectly and offers a great show for those who enjoy live music, in what otherwise would have been an empty show venue.

The cast of Mickeys Big Band

Merry Jolly Jingle sits in the former Cinemagique theatre offering a strange mixture of Donald Duck and a frozen sing along. While it is not the best show the resort has done, and is far surpassed by Mickeys Big Band, it is worth seeing if you do have some time spare, or a big frozen fan in your group. The show does however offer live music throughout which is enjoyable.

The food festival on Plaza De Remy offers a positive move to the area adding a bit more character and even bringing with it meet and greets with Linguini, Remy or Emile.

The festive stalls on Plaza De Remy add another dimension to the beautiful French themed area.

Goofy’s Incredible Christmas is the resort’s festive night time offering. Offering a nice mixture of live action using the festive stage in front of Tower of Terror. The show uses a variety of impressive projections and pyrotechnics to create a touching story for all on the huge facade of Tower of Terror. An unmissable show for everyone!

Incredible Christmas
Goofy’s Incredible Christmas is the highlight of WDS’s festive offerings.

Of course Disneyland Paris does also feature a whole host of festive treats, available across both parks. This year see’s the strongest year yet for the event, and I am incredibly excited to see where it goes next year and into the future especially as the resort expands further and the studios receives a huge expansion and regeneration in the near future. This year’s event is certainly a must see if you get the chance!

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