– An honest look to the future.

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

First of all before we begin, a massive thank you to everyone who’s been a part of the journey so far, this post may be a little bit long so please do stick with me throughout!

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about the future of the site and how I would like to turn it into what I’d visioned; a dedicated, committed theme park resource, with a lot of written info, reviews of attractions, events, as well as behind the scenes footage and a huge selection on-ride and off-ride POV content. As some of you may have noticed I began this with the first 2 park guides, with a 3rd (And more) on the way very soon. As well as this I have invested in a GoPro for filming on rides properly, safely and with authorisation.

I have been incredibly fortunate that through the likes of Europa Park, Fantasy Island, Thorpe Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Flamingo Land and Oakwood Theme Park to name but a few, I have been able to put together an already exciting list of full approved POVs – with many more exciting opportunities ahead, and this is something I am committed to providing in the future, as well as the opportunities for off ride filming, something of which I have always loved doing. I also look forward to sharing content from all the parks listed above once again next year! However I have decided, for personal reasons and for my vision of the site going forward, I will not be vlogging, unless it’s for an event (Such as a media day or the Fear Island video showcasing the event) – while I realise this may disappoint some, I really do hope you will all stick by me in the journey going forward. I founded through the love of Theme Parks, and that is how it will always be, it is not about gaining huge numbers of subscribers rapidly, or making hundreds of pounds off adsense (the little bit from YouTube has only just covered site costs for the year – let alone the initial investment in camera equipment) and while I love sharing content with everyone through videos, vlogging for me was starting to impact on my visits as I felt I was pressured to show certain things within a certain time frame.

I am going to replace vlogging however with written blogs, with photos and videos embedded into the posts, from the event, as these will cover the review purpose of the site, while still giving everyone who loves seeing what I get up to on trips.

As a part of this vision going forward, the park guides will be coming over the next few weeks from as many parks as I possibly can.with more blog posts and reviews to come too. I look forward to sharing more info on this as time goes on.

Once again I really appreciate everyone’s support so far and understand this may be disappointing to some, but I really do feel the best is yet to come with the whole site! I will leave the current vlogs online in their own playlist for everyone to see.

For anyone who hasn’t already, do please follow the social media channels ( by Chris Franklin on Facebook, and @CoastinDotNet on Twitter or Instagram) I do try to keep these as up to date as possible and respond to everyone where I can!

Speak to you all very soon!

Have a great weekend,


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