Christmas at the Castle (Warwick Castle)

Christmas at the Castle (Warwick Castle)

Welcome to another review! While the site is primarily aimed at theme parks, Warwick Castle is operated by theme park operator – Merlin entertainments and as such I felt deserved it’s own review!

Christmas at the castle is a family event, much like all the events at Warwick – having last year visited the event later on I discovered a large section of the indoor of the castle was closed, making it a point to visit early in the event this year.

The whole event felt very relaxed and festive with Christmas songs playing around the castle grounds! The first thing that is clear is just how much effort goes into preparing the castle inside for the event. With trees scattered in nearly every room of the castle.

Beautiful Christmas decorations line the rooms of the castle.

The event also features a winter bird of prey show which has changed locations now and is now featured on the water front area in front of the river Avon. This area provides a beautiful spot for watching the birds fly very closely indeed and feels a lot more open than the old spot up on the hillside which featured limited space.

Bird in flight
Spectacular sights await you in the new winter birds of prey show

The only thing that really let the event down for myself was the lack of available food outlets, with the castle closing at 4pm on the day of my visit. The coach house outside the castle gates was open, however inside the grounds the only open catering outlets were donuts and pizza pasta buffet (at £13 a head) – the Burger Kitchen unit has been removed entirely, and the roast and roll stand did not open until around 1 hour 45 until closing. By which point there was very little point of me buying food at the grounds as we had planned to visit the nearby Harvester for dinner straight after it closed. Had it been open 2 hours earlier around 12pm I would have been much more likely to purchase a roll.

While the castle dungeon does not run a special Christmas show, it is of course open and provided the usual fun and frights within.

Overall Christmas at the castle is a very enjoyable family event with something for everyone to enjoy! The decorations are very festive throughout and as a whole the event feels very good, it could just benefit from a wider catering offering. Of course if you are going to the event later on do be sure to check out the Santa talks if you have young children (pre-booking required) – the event is worth a visit if you are in the area or passing by and creates a nice relaxed feel compared to the busy festive events elsewhere.

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