Supporting The Community! Discovering new Channels/Websites

Supporting The Community! Discovering new Channels/Websites

I’ve always realised just how important it is to stick by the people who get you where you are today, and nothing is more true to that than in the Theme Park/Disney communities. We all share the same interests, all have different views and it makes for an incredibly diverse, and interesting read/watch seeing each others opinions.

While I know sometimes things can get a bit, tense, for a lack of better word in the online communities, it doesn’t change the fact we all share the same common interests, and that’s what we should be focusing on.

I’ve always appreciated the support from everyone, and as such felt now I had the reach it was time to find a way to give back that support too in a way that would work positively for everyone, and show my appreciation at the same time. The more we support each other, the further everyone gains, giving everyone equal exposure rather than a dominance by a select few.

Below are a list of sites by many talented people, who deserve all the support they can get! Please be sure to check them out! If you missed this list, please follow me on twitter or message me via Facebook and when I do another one of these lists I’ll be sure to include you!

– Chris

Blogs & Information: 

NI DLP Geek –
Cupcakes & Coasters –
Duffy Does Disney –
Disney Trivia Blog –
Coaster Kingdom –

Theme Park Audio: 

Theme Park Music Looped –
Nick Hutson Music –


The Season Pass –
In The Loop –
(Despite the placement here “In The Loop” also feature an extensive amount of video content – well worth it for anyone looking for more footage to watch!)

YouTube Channels and Vloggers: 

Pleasure Beach Experience –
Theme Park Fanatic –
The Woodcat –
T42Tube –
Theme Park Banter –
Theme Park World Tour –
Towers Expert –
Alex Partlett –
Nacho Bob –

Twitter Accounts:

Owen Cornelius –
Ministry of Joy –
Glen Belt –

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