Why Joining a Coaster Club is a Great Idea!

Why Joining a Coaster Club is a Great Idea!

After a very busy few weeks and a few technical faults with my internet, I am back!

So tonight I’m going to talk about the advantages of joining a coaster club.
I know quite a few enthusiasts who have never joined one, and being a member of European Coaster Club (ECC) myself I am often asked the advantages of joining such clubs. So let’s run through a few.

Exclusive Content

Some clubs offer exclusive content, whether that be in the form of an online read, or magazine, it’s a great way to keep up with the industry without relying on Facebook and other social media outlets!

It’s social!

Coaster clubs are a great way to meet people with the same interest as you, often leading to more in depth discussions than your average online Facebook group or (some) forum boards. Imagine sitting down around a camp fire on an organised trip, food and drink in hand socialising after an ERT on one of your favourite rides! Which leads me to the next section..

Exclusive Ride Time and other perks.

ERT is a fantastic perk of being a part of the coaster clubs, want to ride Maverick or Kingda Ka as much as you can in an hour? Joining a coaster club gives you this unique and exciting opportunity on one of the many trips bound to be running through the year. If it’s not ERT’s who’s to not say there’s behind the scenes or exclusive tours not normally accessible to the general public.

Organised Trips

Organised trips are a fantastic way to experience parks you might not have got to visit! Want to visit Lagoon? Maybe Slagharen or Toverland? Many organised trips come with organised transport and hotels, all you have to worry about is getting to the start location. This provides an exciting opportunity to get that all the more difficult coaster to the count if you count your coasters, or just experience somewhere a bit different! Organised trips also can make you feel more confident in tackling the otherwise sometimes daunting task of organising an ambitious trip yourself.

I’ve had my European Coaster Club membership a year nearly now, and having attended Oakwood’s Welsh Weekender for 2 years in a row, and with intentions on doing more of the club trips in the future wouldn’t be without it now!

Research into the club best suited for you, or join both, the fee’s are minimal and as I’ve mentioned provide a fantastic, and memorable opportunity way into the future! There are many different clubs out there, but to start you off there’s RCCGB, ECC, and for followers from the states of course there’s ACE!

Happy Coastin’ 😉

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