Disneyland Paris 2021 – 1 HUGE Announcement – My thoughts.

Disneyland Paris 2021 – 1 HUGE Announcement – My thoughts.

Tonight I felt like sharing the incredible news out of Disneyland Paris, that beginning in 2021, Walt Disney Studios is set to receive a complete overhaul, redeveloping a park that’s had many struggles, and often disliked by Disney fans.

The announcement today has really set the ball rolling, for a park where it was clear re-development of a long term plan had started many months ago, when the announcement of the Marvel show in Cinemagique theatre was made, as well as the many rumours flying around about a Rock N Roll Coaster re-theme to Marvel, which is also now confirmed, it is of no surprise that whole area of the park has been confirmed to be turning into a dedicated Marvel land! Following this, expansion to Toy Story Playland, is another key notable investment.

However, this is where the development really thrives. While the resort will be keeping the iconic (and rather beautiful) entrance plaza to the park, as well as the Pixar corner of Crush’s Coaster, and Cars Quatre Rallye, there is significant changes to come. The first and most noticable change is the removal of several signature attractions, including Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic. The removal of such a large scale attraction has opened up a huge development area for the rest of the park to expand, with a long walkway going past the iconic Tower of Terror, leading up to a large lake area. Situated around the lake will be various, however the 2 most notable (and clear) from the concept are Frozen, and Star Wars. With Star Wars playing a huge part in Disney’s market right now it’s no surprise to see the land coming closer to home so fast, and I’m sure will provide an excellent experience similar to it’s American counterparts. The resort will also be featuring a fully dedicated Frozen area, and while Epcot features a Frozen dark ride, there isn’t actually a fully dedicated frozen area currently open in any Disney park right now.

So what would I like to see as a part of this huge re-development?

Let’s start first with the basics, and what already exists. I feel keeping the core integrity of the beautiful front lot area, and Tower of Terror just past what is currently Studio 1 really holds the heart of WDS, although I’d like to see the existing area around by Art of Disney Animation hold it’s own flow cleaner that it does at current as everything feels very, scattered? But the area it’s self could be transformed with very little work.

Marvel – The stunt show is superb, I feel there’s really an opportunity to have some form of meet & greet here, similar to how meet Spiderman currently is, but for other Marvel characters. A shooting ride similar to Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast could really benefit the park well here, but would also feel very similar to Toy Story Midway Mania (Another ride I’d love to see added) – I’d love to see the fire effect from Armageddon transformed into something new, and more exciting though!

Star Wars – Pretty much expecting the same as Orlando, I think? Would love to see it as an opportunity to move the majority of Star Wars from Discoveryland (Except Star Tours, obviously) for example a Stitch meet in Star Port would be fantastic. While I expect the area will be excellent, there’s not much for me to share my thoughts on here!

Frozen is the one where I really feel I can discuss my ideas here. Having seen the Frozen film many, many times I can understand the story well, and with a 2nd film on release soon it makes sense to have a huge area dedicated to it.

First of all meet & greets for this area are a must, the characters are incredibly popular, and offering a place to meet them will be a massive incentive for people who do enjoy that experience (Even I do!) – I am hopeful that along side this we shall see an E-Ticket attraction similar to Frozen Ever After in Epcot, but with a much higher capacity. Frozen Ever after is an excellent ride with a beautiful queue, and stunning animatronics, some of the best in Orlando.  Also here is am opportunity for a major restaurant, similar to “Be Our Guest” but themed around Queen Elsa’s Ice Palace – knowing the detail Disney put into their developments, this could be incredible if executed right, and become another signature eatery, similar to Bistro Chez Remy. I’d also like to speculate we’ll see another filler attraction and some form of show to compliment the area.

Outside of the 3 main areas, the large lake area would be perfect for a night time show (Fantasmic please!) and will provide a perfect relaxation place away from the crowds. This area leaves a lot of mystery around it along with the huge walkway leading up to it. Something I am very curious to see how it develops. Could there be more to come?

Either way 2021 is looking like an incredibly exciting time to visit Disneyland Paris, and following the recent, and on going 25th anniversary, which saw many attractions re-imagined and updated across the resort, the resort is receiving a lot of investment. With this current investment of 2 billion euro, fans certainly can’t complain about a lack of new experiences coming to the resort any time soon!

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