5 Theme Parks I Can’t Wait To Visit

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With the huge variety of incredible parks out there to explore, many of which look absolutely stunning, today I’m looking at the 5 parks I most want to visit in the coming years – worldwide, I’ve left out parks I intend to be visiting this year (Such as Europa Park) as a way to be more fair on the remaining parks! First thing to state is all these photos, as I’ve never visited the park obviously will not be my own!

1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA, USA

I’m starting the top 5 with Busch Gardens Williamsburg, I always remember seeing the park shared in a book I recieved as a younger child called “White Knuckle Ride” – the interlocking loops of Lochness monster at the time completely captivating me, and became my obsession of trying to recreate in RCT for many years! But it wasn’t only Lochness Monster that had this effect, with the stunning details of Escape from Pompeii, the park soon became a must visit for me. Ever since I have followed the developments of the park heavily, and having visited Busch Gardens Tampa feel Williamsburg shall be even more exciting. Although sad that Big Bad Wolf no longer exists, this iconic park is one I look forward to visiting in the next few years! 

2. Dollywood, TN, USA

This iconic theme park in the Smokey Mountains is one I came across more recently, with the development of Wild Eagle, a stunning B&M wing coaster located right up in the hillsides. The park has also recently invested in a family coaster under the name of Firechaser express and most reently Lightning rod, a high adrenaline RMC terrain coaster.

Outside the park’s spectacular ride offering, there’s an incredible arrary of shows, and what looks to be fantastic water park, making Dollywood a must visit soon, with the possibility of tying it in with Busch Gardens Williamsburg, a little road trip looks likely!

3. Tokyo DisneySEA, Japan

As a massive Disney fan you’d expect Tokyo DisneySEA to be higher up the list, but the reason it is only placed at 3. is due to the current expansion – including the new Beauty & The Beast area, the park features the absolutely stunning theming Disney is known for, including the huge volcano pictured below. Again with a stunning selection of shows, such as Fantasmic, and unique rides such as Aquatopia, Tokyo DisneySEA is one I look forward to experiencing on a much larger trip to Japan!

4. Holiday World, In, USA

Holiday World is a park I feel is very underrated from the European side of the Atlantic, located in Indianapolis, Holiday World features 3 world famous wooden coasters. I remember seeing “Raven” again in “White Knuckle Ride” as a kid, as someone who grew up loving wooden coasters, preferring them to many steel coasters at the time, Raven is a ride that has been on my “must ride” list ever since. Not to forget the park also features a huge water park, complete with worlds longest water coaster, and back in the theme park the highly rated “The Voyage” once rated the world’s number 1 wooden coaster, and still used in the same sentences as El Toro, The Voyage looks to be a coaster that never lets up.

Holiday World also offers free fountain drinks, perfect for the hot summers days – so you never have any worry of dehydrating in the summer crowds!

5. Cedar Point, OH, USA

Known as one of the world’s best amusement parks, Cedar Point offers a huge roller coaster, and thrill ride line up. Featuring several coasters smashing the 200ft marker, right up to over 400ft, including a “hyper hybrid” RMC due to open this year. Located on Lake Eerie, the setting of Cedar Point is what sets it apart from other amusement parks, the park hotels have their own beaches perfect for relaxation, and a spectacular skyline that can be seen all over the area. With legendary rides such as Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, Millennium force, Maverick and Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point really is a must for any roller coaster fan!

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