My 3 Most Missed Disney Attractions

My 3 Most Missed Disney Attractions

Everyone talk’s about how the parks have to change, which of course is 100% fact whether we like it or not. Tonight though I felt it would be a great idea to reflect on some of my most missed Disney attractions, and while there are many to choose from, these are the 3 that really stand out to me. So let’s begin!

1. Paradise Pier – Disney’s California Adventure

While technically not an attraction in it’s own right, the area has always felt just that to me, spending hours sat down by Screamin’ with an Ice Cream or watching World of Color from Paradise Park, the jazzy boardwalk of Paradise Pier captured me in it’s magic from the moment I step foot on the iconic boardwalk for the first time. Arcade games, ragtime music, beautiful sunsets, and quaintly themed shops lined the boardwalk to give it a feel only Disney know how.

While the area will be retaining it’s theme as a boardwalk, the upcoming Pixar Pier re-theme is one I shall be staying open minded to, it is clear the unique story of Paradise Pier has been lost to Pixar based attractions. I do really enjoy Pixar films, but I can’t help but feel at current this is one story I’d rather kept unique – that’s not to say the area will be bad, I believe it’ll still be a beautiful area, and some of the attraction upgrades look very exciting. Let’s just see what summer brings!

2. The Great Movie Ride – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hooray for Hollywood! While I only got to experience The Great Movie Ride less than a handful of times during my 1 visit to Walt Disney World in 2016, the ride was a clear stand out holiday highlight. The attraction boasted a unique story line, combining the magic of cinema, and live action with high energy scenes throughout, whether that be the spectacular Alien scene, or the Indiana Jones live action scene. The ride featured 2 different heist scenes, one based on gang violence while another based in the old west, both providing their own unique charm to the ride experience.

Of course the ride ended on a positive, and one of the highlights, the Wizard of Oz.

I am excited to see what happens with Mickey’s Runaway Railway, for what is sure to be a unique 2.5d (3d with no 3d glasses) attraction, and of course Mickey’s first real ride of his own – there’s not that many details out officialy at the moment but it is due to open in 2019. Let’s follow the yellow brick road anyway, onto attraction 3!

3. Cinemagique – Walt Disney Studios Park

Another cinema based attraction I realise, however I feel this one is more than deserving of it’s 3rd place, and if we hadn’t lost Paradise Pier or The Great Movie Ride, Cienmagique would have been 1. on this list for me.

Cinemagique was located beside Studio 1 in Walt Disney Studios Park. While Walt Disney Studios Park has often been referred to as the weakest link in Disney theme parks by enthusiasts, Cinemagique was a truly stunning attraction and one of my favourite attractions in Disneyland Paris, prior to it’s closure to turn it into a Marvel stunt show (Debut in summer) Using a clever mixture of special effects, live action and video, Cinemagique told the story of an airline passenger who’s luggage had been lost, and after being zapped into the screen falls in love with a lady from the opening clip, starting from the early days of cinema with black and white silent cinema, progressing through the ages into modern colour. The attraction featured a huge variety of movies, both animated and live action, such as Pinocchio, Mary Poppins, Titanic, and the Sword in the stone.  The result is a gripping, funny and at times emotional story with one of the most heartfelt finales I’ve seen. Combine with the stunning effects such as gun fire hitting through the same onto the stage floor, or a sword tearing, and opening up the screen to the more simple effects like rain, Cinemagique is an attraction that had to be seen to truly understand it.

So that’s my top 3 most missed Disney attractions, what are yours?

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