The Return of Late Night Riding to the UK

The Return of Late Night Riding to the UK

The topic of late night riding comes up often among enthusiasts, and even families who want a “full” day out. With many parks opening 10-5 during the off peak hours, late night riding offers a fantastic opportunity to experience some of your favourite rides in the dark more often.

More and more parks have introduced late night riding events, with Blackpool Pleasure Beach running 8 late night riding events this season, Adventure Island open until 10pm during the summer, and more recently, Thorpe Park who have announced 10pm closing hours during summer weekends for “The Year of The Walking Dead” – for anyone who visited Fright Nights last year, The Walking Dead was the signature of the event, being a huge IP that the park have managed to secure.

Coming in these late night events are exciting unique events, whether that be one off fireworks, or the brand new zombie experiences at Thorpe Park, it’s a fantastic opportunity to experience something new at a park you may have visited multiple times before. Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire have been offering the unique colourfest, a power paint party, and with the parks ever growing After Dark event, it’s a fantastic chance to experience the park well into the night.

So why do I feel like late night riding is making a come back?

With all these unique events, it’s clear the demand is high for such events, and while a few years ago Thorpe Park’s summer nights event was cancelled for reasons unknown, it has been reinstated in a massive way this summer. Blackpool Pleasure Beach have been pushing more and more late night rider events which are always a successful night with a superb atmosphere and great turn out! As well as the fantastic event Oakwood provide, complete with live music.

Aside from these, we have many seaside parks opening late into the night, with Fantasy Island pushing multiple firework events throughout the year, and late closes in general through the summer. Dreamland Margate are pushing music festivals, ensuring a fantastic opportunity to see a wide variety of live music, and discover some new favourites maybe too.

These are just a few of the many many UK based attractions open late this year, and as the trend develops further I really hope this is something we shall see a lot more of in the future, especially with all the exciting and upcoming developments.

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